UX Booth submission guidelines

UX Booth's submission guidelines certainly aren't a standard voice and tone document. Nor are they a style guide, per se. But I've included it both because of the quality of content they publish, but also how much these brief guidelines imply voice, tone, and style — and thereby exemplify their own "show, don't tell" standard.

From the guide

You have the expertise we're looking for

All UX Booth articles follow the following template:

  • Lead+thesis: Here’s where you grab the reader’s attention, and let them know how this topic relates to his or her life.
  • Intro: In the introduction you summarize the main points of the article, to prepare the reader for what’s to come.
  • Main points: In the body of the article, you’ll go through 2-3 main points, each supporting the main thesis.
  • Next steps: Instead of conclusions, at UX Booth we offer “next steps,” or suggestions that will help the readers to implement the information you’ve provided.
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