Microsoft Design tone and voice

Microsoft's principles represent a conservative but UX-first expression of essential content strategy principles, emphasizing a human, helpful, and clear approach. They aren't so much after delight as general pleasantness.

From the guide

Writing is design

A brand’s voice encompasses the types of words used, the way sentences are constructed, and how language flows. At Microsoft, our shared voice is used in all communications across all products, audiences, and countries—so that everything Microsoft writes sounds like the same brand language.

Voice principles

Crisp and clear 

We're to the point. We write for scanning first, reading second. We make it simple above all.

Warm and relaxed 

We're natural. Less formal, more grounded in real, everyday conversations. Occasionally, we're fun. (We know when to celebrate.)

Ready to lend a hand 

We show customers we're on their side. We anticipate their real needs and offer great information at just the right time.

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